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How to choose an online casino? What could be simpler than old good card game Baccarat? There aren’t any complex combinations here, management is clear and rules are easy to understand.

Aim of the game is to guess who would win, banker or player. One may bet on draw also. Although probability theory says this final is very rare and house edge is high, but withdrawal sum makes 8:1 (in case of bets on banker or player it will make 1:1). One, who collect sum of points closest to 9, wins. At points calculation all figures and 10 are accounted as 0, ace as 1, and other cards on their value. There is no pip-out while playing Baccarat. If sum of points is more than 9, then 10 is distracted from it. Player that has collected on deal out less than 4 points has a right for the third card. Question about additional card for banker is answered with help of special table in the each certain case.

Customers play online baccarat at Rushmore Casino by standard rules. Minimum bet makes $1. However newcomers could gain an experience to begin with, playing funny money. Prizes withdrawal at baccarat at Rushmore Casino is done an equal way as in offline casino. That why it’s worth to remember that in case of banker’s bet win, 5% from prizes is taken out to online casino’s favor; house edge on draw bet is about 14%.